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About Us

Who thinks that the automobile is only the means of transportation or a simple chariot, you do not know about our service for sure! Exotic car rental by Hexotic Rentals company is made for those who are up to speed in every sense. Luxury models and an exceptional service is the best combination you need to try all-in-one.

- Find the most optimal variant for luxury car rental in Orange County, CA.

- Offer additional service range upon the client’s request (chauffeur, car delivery, transfer from the airport, etc.)

- Help with all actual questions including navigation in the resort city, recommendations on the subject of places of interest and entertainment to try.

It means that we are not a typical automobile rental organization. We are greater-than – Exotic Rentals with comprehensive range of services all travelers, businessmen and public people need!

Our Mission

At Hexotic Rentals, our mission is to provide exceptional luxury car rentals with personalized service, a fine selection of high-end vehicles, in immaculate maintenance, and a seamless experience that exceeds expectations

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Our Luxury and Sports Car Options

Unlike other car rental companies, we do not inundate you with boring options that can be found everywhere. Our luxury and sports vehicles are sure to blow your mind and draw attention from everyone around. Each one of our rentals is well-maintained, NEW, and in perfect condition. We take pride in the cars we rent to you and you will find that each one is clean on the interior and exterior. Meet our unbelievable fleet of vehicles! No matter what type of sports or luxury auto you are looking for, we have it. Some of our most popular options include: Rolls

Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, 

McLaren, Porsche and more attractive vehicles to count on.

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